Tbilisi in the year 2022 – the air in the city is so polluted, there is now a so-called smog alarm and children aren’t allowed to play outside because of the polluted air. Mai and Sandro realise not only the air is polluted but also food, drinks – the whole nature. And everything is getting worse. The children blame the adults for not taking the severity of the situation seriously and for pretending all is fine. Angry at the inaction of the adults, the children decide to form a “gang“ with their new neighbour Caspar and deal with the problem by themselves. Their mission is: Fight the air pollution and waste! They start to confront the adults and in the end gain support from someone very unexpected. 

Shavi Nisli is the Georgian adaptation of Volker Ludwig’s play “Dicke Luft” translated by Tamta Melashvili

Director: Mareike Wenzel

Cast: Mai – Natia Kavtaradze; Sandro – Jimi Melkadze; Kaspar – Archil Sulakvelidze; Neighbour/Kato – Mariam Gabritchidze; Mother – Lili Mamulashvili; Father/Caretaker – Giorgi Parjanadze