The boss shouts at father, father shouts at mother and who are affected most by all the problems of the adults? – the children. Nuki and Gio tired of their parents’ conflicts and decide it’s time for a change. They start questioning: Why there is such a huge difference in how girls and boys are raised? Why are adults always fighting? Why does father always shout and mother doesn’t fight back? The kids will shed light on everything!

Georgian adaptation of Volker Ludwig’s play “Mann O Mann” translated by Tamta Melashvili

Director: Mareike Wenzel

Cast: Nuki – Mariam Gabritchidze; Gio – Giorgi Parjanadze; Nino – Lili Mamulashvili; Anano/Neighbour – Natia Kavtaradze; Irakli -Archil Sulakvelidze; Landlord/Salesman/Boss – Jimi Melkadze