Workshops and Talks

Talk with Volker Ludwig from GRIPS Theater Berlin

The founder of Berlin’s renowned theatre for children and young people came to visit us. Together with director Mareike Wenzel, they discussed the need for modern emancipatory theatre for children and the current sitiuation in Georgia. Here you can read the interview Mareike Wenzel did with Volker Ludwig while he was visitig.

with kind support of DVV International Georgia

Workshops for teachers and educational professionals

During the touring of our three plays, we met and talked to many teachers who shared their thoughts about lacks in the educationa system and problems they are facing in their everyday teaching life.

Based on these discussions Aitsona-Daitsona created and facilitated workshop for teachers addressing different topics raised in the discussions with them:

  • theatre as a tool for conflict management
  • creative tools for everyday classroom situations
  • participative exercises to work on status and democractic processess
  • theatre in education (introducing methods of different key players in this field, i.e. Boal, Plath, Grips, etc.)
  • confidence and voice training for teachers

The aim was to give the teachers and educational professionals a „tool box“ of excercises, they can easily implement and integrate in their everyday worklife. The workshops were strongly frequented and teachers were saying that these trainings have been one of the most useful trainings, they have received in their teaching career. So far, the two-day workshops have been conducted at the 10 DVV regional centres and have been realised with the kind support of DVV International.

Photos from the two-day workshops at different community centres


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