Our play „Tamashi“ addresses young people’s problems at school and university, the pressure to choose the „right“ profession at a very young age, and exploitation at work. 

The play is Aitsona-Daitsona’s first own production, the acting team and director devised the play based on interviews and talks with children and teachers. 

Tamashi is scenic collage depicting experiences and problems of children and young people in Georgia. From early age on children often feel pressured to take the seemingly right decisions and to follow the path parents, teachers and other adults are having set up for them. Growing up can feel like entering a competition. In “tamashi” five players try to break out.

“Tamashi” was premiered in November 2018 and was shown in Chokhatauri, Jvari, Senaki, Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki, Shaumiani, Leliani, Koda and Ambrolauri at the local DVVI regional centres. 

The play was realized with the kind support of DVV International Georgia. 

Director: Mareike Wenzel;

Cast: Player I – Archil Sulakvelidze; Player II – Sandro Leluashivi/Giorgi Parjanadze; Player III – Mariam Gabritchidze; Player IV – Lili Mamulashvili; Player V – Natia Kataradze